Anti-Corruption Council of India was launched in the Year 2011

Retired judges of the Supreme Court and the High Court and members of the civil society have joined hands and launched Anti-Corruption Council of India Trust. The Council will launch a crusade against corruption and will also reveal the details of all Swiss Bank account-holders from India. Figures available with the Council reveal that there are at least 83,000 accounts at Swiss Banks from India.

Besides core committees, the Council will have committees at the regional, state, district, taluk, town, village, area, and ward levels.

The deed of the Trust was executed on January 24, 2011. According to Hussain Mueen Farooq, an anti-corruption activist who is associated with the Council, their objective is to promote anti-corruption awareness, conduct programmes for youth, underprivileged women and children.

Members of the Council will file/lodge civil and criminal complaints/cases against an elected representative, if he/she is found to be corrupt, in the interest of the people. In addition, the Council will monitor the functions of various ministries and their departments to check irregularities, malpractices, misuse of funds and harassment to the public.

The Council aims press for a legislation to bring all public servants under the purview of the Lokayukta or any agency deemed fit to prosecute.

It will convene anti-corruption programmes in schools and pressure for a curriculum on anti-corruption and moral science in all primary and high schools.

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