Another man booked for communally provocative post in Bantwal Police Station

Bantwal: Bantwal town police on Sunday booked a person for allegedly posting a communal hatred post on a social media regarding coronavirus infection.

A case has been registered against Alady resident Yashu Gatti, based on a complaint lodged by Mohammed Sharif, President of Popular Front of India Sajipa Munnuru Alampadi Unit.

In a complaint given to the police, Sharif alleged that Yashu has attempted to defame a community by writing ” Kasargod is India’s Wuhan! 34 positive cases report on a single day yesterday. Allah’s Almighty Prasad brought from Makkah and Dubai,” on his Facebook wall.

“The accused must be arrested and legal action must be initiated against him for sharing a post which could create unrest in the society and incite communal riots,” the complainant demanded in his complaint.

The Bantwal police have registered a case and further investigations are underway.

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