Another IMA like fraud comes to light in Bengaluru

Bengaluru: In a similar case like IMA Jewels fraud case another company has reportedly become defunct with multi-crores investment by its investors.

The company identified as AIMMS located at 9th Main road of Jayanagar, has allegedly cheated over 1600 investors in what is touted to be over a thousand crore rupees’ scam. A case has been registered against the company in Tilak Nagar and Jayanagar Police Station.

Ayyub, Ilyas, Mudassir, Mujahid and Shahid have been identified as the owners of the company. According to the reports a majority of the investors of the company were women who were targeted and cheated by the company.

The company was established in 2017 and had assured its investors of giving away a monthly interest bounty of Rupees ten thousand upon investment of one lakh rupees which followed a huge number of people falling prey to the trap of the scheme. The reports further add that the company paid interest to its investors for first three months and then stopped paying them.

After the IMA fraud case was unearthed investors of AIMMS thronged to their office only to find it locked and closed. The investors then protested against the company and found out the whereabouts of the owners of the company and demanded their invested money back and later informed Tilak Nagar police about the whole matter.

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