Anjana welfare society is working for the Indian art and culture

Since last 8 years Anjana welfare society is working for the Indian art and culture promotion, slum kids and divyang artist Kids because there are are very few opportunities to cultivate young kids especially those are not very very much aware Indian art and culture is just like a hobby that is no career so they don’t follow this culture being not strong financially, physical, and mentally. Maya is a renowned young Kathak artist of India is founder of Anjana welfare society said “we have completed 8 years in this time we have completed or achieved some of targets we wanted to to start some training program for the divyang artist kids and for slum students so till now we have completed this we have taught around 1000 kids from differents area of art and culture Anjana welfare society trying to give them a proper platform too it was always challenging us but if you are mentally prepare for your aim nothing is impossible’ we got associate with UNESCO, Government of Nagaland ,NISD New Delhi
Manish kulshrestha the president of Anjana Welfare Society added his statement “he said since this 8 years journey We have observed there are weaker side of the society for that we cannot blame only our government being a part of this society we also have some responsibility towards that so we have started working for the senior citizens as well now a days we can see everyday old age homes are increasing nobody cares about senior citizen health financial wealth to get tag of senior citizens they are are not helpful for the society or their homes we just have started awareness program with the collaboration of of and NISd and Ministry of social defence for the senior citizens .

National institute of Social Defence

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