Anjana welfare society Inaugrated online Art festival first day

Anjana welfare society Inaugrated online Art festival first day Chief guest was Mr. Lakshmaji Rao Director of ICCR Hyderabad and performance by one of the student of Nirtyam institute of performing arts Dr Pratyashita Singh from Mathura performed a technical piece and a Guru Vandana. Nrityam Institute of Performing Arts has 3 branch in the NCR running by renowned kathak Artist Maya kulshreastha herself .

Dr Prtiyashita singh (NIPA Student)

After her decipile’s performance invited artist was Dr G Padmja Reddy is a renowned A grade artist of Kuchipudi in the field of indian classical dance she has been working for last 45 years. she got guidance of Guru Padmashri Dr.Shobha Naidu. She has been awardrd with many prestigious awards in the field She has choreographed many solo compositions She has performed more then 3000 show in India and across the globe. She is honoured by Sangeet Natak Akademi award too, She performed ‘Satyabhama’ was a wonderful performance which is based on Satyabhama and lord Krishna

Dr  D Padmaja Reddy 
Y laxmanaji Rao

The Ancient Times

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