Anjana Welfare Society ,in partnership with UNESCO Delhi, Government of Nagaland,

“In times where small Instructor-Led classrooms tend to be the exception, electronic learning solutions can offer more collaboration and interaction with experts and peers, as well as a higher success rate than the live alternative’ said Manish Kulshreastha

Anjana Welfare Society ,in partnership with UNESCO Delhi, Government of Nagaland, and Supported by Indian Oil and Nirmala foundation organising Fortnight festival in which they organised workshop,Chat show,and performances of different arts.
For the chat show they have invited Mr.Mohan Pradeep Sharma, who is former teacher trainer of UNESCO and Sr. VP of Jaypee group of Schools.Sharing his hands on experience of dealing with the harsh realities of the lockdown the guest of the event Mr.Mohan Pradeep Sharma, Former UNESCO Teacher Trainer and Sr.Vice President of Jaypee Schools said that when on 20th March 2020 Nation wide lockdown was declared the school were also closed. The entire education system was breakdown. When all hopes of continuing with education were lost, only ray of hope was seen in online education. Till now computer was taught as only one subject and children were discouraged to use mobile but now the entire education was carried on online I:e on mobile and computer were used as main mode of learning.
Education restarted on online to begin with on mode’s like Zoom and in due course of time teachers picked strategies of teaching online where ever the connectivity and this facility was available. Later switched over to better mode’s like Google team or other better modes.

During lockdown many people lost their jobs and in many cases the salaries were slashed which effected capacities of parents paying the Fee of their children. Teachers and parents were compelled to transform their homes into class rooms.
Besides teaching subjects schools also started to conduct co- curricular activities such as Music, Dance and Yoga online so that student do not miss their activities. Morning assemblies ,Sports Day and PTM were too conducted. Mr.Sharma who has been a national Sportsman of his time shared that we should not hesitate in playing our Indian indigenous indoor sports to break the monotony. He shared that children can easily play Hop Scotch. Seven Stone, Pebbles , Posham Pa Bhai Posham Pa. Make with paper boat,aeroplane and purse etc etc. To conclude his talk Mr.Sharma advise children not to misuse the gadgets as they for their empowerment and not to over powe them and also advised them to be cautious of cyber crime which is rampantly happening.
This session host by a renowned Kathak Artist Maya kulshreastha.
In this online session they discussed many topics on Facebook Live session On 5th July evening.

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