Anjana Welfare Society in partnership with UNESCO creating an international online platform.

“Covid 19 runied artist’s life, performances are closed,there are not finding any resource to earn their bread and butter and since last two years it’s going on and how long it will be continued nobody knows”. said by a young and renowend kathak artist and founder of Anjana Welfare Society Maya kulshreastha”
So as like always we are going to organise arts festival of 45 days 1st June to 15 July 2021 , During this art festival we will organise workshops ,chat show, performance through this festival underprivileged girls, specially gifted artists also will get benefit to explore there art turn their hobby as a profession to earn their livelihood all workshops of these vocational trainings are free of charge .
Artist can enroll themselves through email of AWS.
President of AWS Manish Kulshreastha said “we are glad UNESCO and Nagaland state become partner of this art festival Rhythm 5
it will create lots of postivity and will spread happiness.”
This program will be telecasted on some National channels. and
Media partner is The Ancient Times .

The Ancient Times

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