Anjana Welfare Society celebrating a fortnight festival “Rhythm’ Season 5.

Anjana Welfare Society online indian art and culture Festival Rhythm is going on with the partnership of UNESCO, Government of Nagaland , Indian Oil and Nirmla Foundation. it is 45 days workshop have been going on for different arts of Theater, Music and Dance etc.
Anjana welfare society have been organising many art festival, Workshops.

Ashish Kanway

Founder of this NGO
Maya Kulshreastha said’ it’s an efforts to connect the youth with the living legend of various arts fields”.

For this fortnight festival Anjana Welfare Society inviting many renowned artists and dignitaries.
Neeraj Gupta indian Sculpture
Om katare actor director playwriter and founder of yatri Theater
Manoj shrivastav writer and a retired Senior IAS
Jyoti kalash chief Secretary of Nagaland
Neeraj Bhardwaj (TV fame )
Ajay prasanna (Renowned Flute player )
Many more and performers of Nrityam Institute of performing arts.
Manish Kulshreastha president of this organisation said’we are glad to share this time we have created many colours of arts, many young artists will get chance to perform on this platform.

Ajay Prasanna
Om Katare
Nitin Gupta

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