Amulya Leona remanded to 14 days judicial custody for her ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogan

Bengaluru: Amulya Leona, a student from Chikkamagulur, Karnataka, was sent to 14-days judicial custody following her ’Pakistan Zindabad’ slogan at an event organised against anti- CAA, NRC and NPR in Bengaluru.

The event was organised by Hindi Muslim Sikh Esai Federation at Freedom Park on Wednesday in which MP and AIMIM leader Assadudin Owasi was one of the speakers.

The girl, who was asked by the federation to address the gathering, shocked everyone as she held the mike on the dais and chanted “Pakistan Zindabad”. Owasi, who was heading to offer namaz, rushed back to stop the girl.

Owaisi later asked the organisers to be careful with such people, who he called ‘pagal’ (mental). He also said he does not endorse her views. He added that Bharat is his priority and said, “Bharat Zindabad.“

Although Owasi criticised this act, the action of this 19-year-old leftist student was enough to invite trolls and wrath from various sections of the public and political organisations.

Even the Congress condemned this and asked the government to take stringent action.

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