American Cities Besieged By Violent Protests And COVID-19, US President Donald Trump Goes Underground #BunkerBoy

Report By: Nandika Chand | Last Update June 1, 2020

As American cities are besieged by violent protests, triggered by the death of George Floyd, and economy staggers under the mounting cases of COVID-19, President Donald Trump has gone underground.

The US president was first moved to an underground bunker on Friday night after violent protests erupted outside the White House. Trump continues to be sheltered in his bunker as protests continue to rock the country. And now, he is a leading trend on Twitter as #BunkerBoy.

The Justice Department deployed US Marshalls and Drug Enforcement Administration agents to Lafayette Park outside the White House. Reports said Washington DC was brought to its knees by protests throughout the weekend that went on to Sunday night. Fires were started and buildings vandalised in the vicinity of the White House.

The US buckled when an unarmed black man’s, George Floyd, throat was constricted by a white policeman’s knee. His death triggered #blacklivesmatter 2.0. What originated as a hashtag on Twitter has evolved into a movement throughout the world.

Mayors and governors across America have been calling for calm and turning to curfews and National Guard deployments to try to minimize the unrest. Moreover, protestors are out on the streets without face masks and social distancing is not even applicable. This has raised fears of a new wave of COVID-19 outbreak. An official said it will take one or two infected people, which will spiral into an out all second deadly COVID-19 wave. “And it will be traced right back to these demonstrations,” he said.

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