Ambidant victims seek CBI probe

The victims of Ambidant Marketing Pvt Ltd have demanded a CBI investigation as they have not only lost hopes on Central Crime Branch (CCB) but also alleged that the CCB has a nexus with the owners of the company.

Observing no progress in investigation and recovery of their money, the enraged investors on Wednesday held a press conference and said that CCB is not a competent agency to investigate the case as the money to the tune of Rs 900 crore has already been diverted to various companies, including those outside the country. “Apart from Bengaluru, Ambidant has branches in Ballari, Mysore and Dubai where the entire money has been diverted. We have given a list of companies to the CCB that Ambidant had transferred money/. But we don’t think CCB will recover our money,” Zaid Khan, an architect and investor-victim, said.

Khan has filed a petition with DG&IGP Neelmani Raju alleging threat for his life for exposing the nexus between the CCB officials and the father-son duo Syed Ahmed Fareed and Syed Ahmed Afaq.

Khan told reporters that some unidentified people are following him and some of them had even come to his house to enquire about his errands.

Another victim investor Sulthan said the CCB officials do not treat Fareed like an accused in the case. “He (Fareed) is always seen at the CCB office socialising and going along with CCB sleuths for expensive lunches at luxury hotels,” said Sulthan asking if this is the way an accused should be treated and the money cheated by him recovered by the police.

The CCB sleuths’ priority is filing objections for bail of Ali Khan, an aide of former minister Janardhana Reddy for Rs 18 crore, rather than objecting to bail of the prime accused Fareed and Afaq who are roaming freely,” Khan said adding “We heard that CCB is giving him police protection as he believes the victims are stalking him.”

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