Air Asia drunk passenger arrested in Bengaluru ; misbehaviour with the crew

The airline crew took Mr Kumar out of the aircraft and gave him over to the police a 40-year-old passenger on a Goa-bound AirAsia flight was arrested at Bengaluru airport for harassing a flight attendant. According to latest police reports , the incident took place on September 13 a few, minutes before the flight took off for Goa.

The police also stated  that the passenger named Anil Kumar, aged 40 allegedly misbehaved with the flight attendant by holding her hand and claiming to others that she was his close friend. While the other passengers laughed, the attendant was left outraged and embarrassed.

The airline crew took  Mr Kumar out of the aircraft and handed him over to the police.


The police also said that the accused was drunk and has been charged under IPC Section 354 (assaulting a woman with intent to outrage her modesty).The man is now out on bail.

Earlier, a passenger on a SpiceJet flight was “discharged “” because of his misbehaviour with one of the female cabin crew members in January this year. The crew alleged that the passenger had touched one of the crew members inappropriately. On the other hand, fellow passengers claimed that it was an accident due to the confined area on the flight.

The passenger later gave a written apology, but he was discharged to avoid any further conflicts.

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