Agricultural labourer sells 3-month-old baby girl for Rs 1 lakh, buys mobile and bike

Report By Sarah | Bengaluru | Last Updated at Aug 31 2020

Karnataka: A farm worker of Chikkaballapur district allegedly sold his 3-month-old daughter for Rs.1 lakh and bought a brand new mobile phone and motorcycle for himself. The incident took place in Tinakal village.
Reportedly, the parents tried selling their daughter to quite a few people in Bangalore when she was born but the vigilant hospital authorities spoiled the vicious plan. Later a man came to know and striked a deal with them and negotiated for Rs.1 lakh.
Then the infant was sold to a childless couple from a nearing village called Malamachanahalli.
Later after the successful trade, the father luxuriated himself with a mobile phone worth Rs.15,000 and a motorcycle worth Rs.50,000. His spending spree aroused qualms in the neighbours and later they tipped off it to the officials after they found the newborn missing.
A massive interrogation was held by officers and successfully the infant was rescued by the officials of the women and child welfare department.

The officials rescued and handed over the baby to the adoption centre in the district. The rescued infant’s father is on a run and the mother is detained and she claims that her husband had threatened her to sell off their daughter.
Currently the mother has requested the officials to return back her daughter but the decision will be taken by The Child Welfare Committee on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the police are striving their best to nab the infant’s father.

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