Actor Rajpal Yadav sentenced to three months prison

On Friday, the Delhi High Courtsentenced Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav to three months in civil prison for failing to repay a loan of Rs. 5cr.

Yadav and his wife Radha had taken the loan in 2010 to make the Hindi film Ata Pata Laapata, which marked the actor’s directorial debut.

Yadav will lodged in the Tihar Jail for the duration of his sentence.

The Delhi High Court’s ruling came in a civil case filed by Delhi-based company Murli Projects against Yadav’s company Shree Naurang Godavari Entertainment.

Interestingly, in 2015, Yadav had claimed that he had repaid Rs. 1.58cr of the loan, and had told the court that he had got a fresh work offer which would enable him to repay the remaining Rs. 3.42cr in 30 days.

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