ACP M Prabhushankar taken huge ‘bribe’ from tobacco dealers

An assistant commissioner of police (ACP) is in the dock for taking a huge bribe from tobacco dealers to let them sell their products during the lockdown. 

M Prabhushankar, posted in the Central Crime Branch (CCB), allegedly taken the bribe from the dealers of cigarettes and other tobacco products.

A departmental inquiry by his reporting officer, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime-2) Ravikumar K P, found the allegation true. The DCP had conducted the inquiry on the instructions of the CCB boss, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Sandeep Patil.

Speaking to reporters, Patil didn’t disclose how much bribe the ACP had received but he did state that Rs 25 lakh had been recovered from the latter’s possession. 

The sale of all tobacco products stands banned during the lockdown. 

“I have forwarded the (inquiry) report to the police commissioner, recommending strict action against the ACP,” Patil said. 

Prabhushankar was transferred to the CCB only in January. He had worked as an inspector in Yelahanka, Sanjaynagar and in other districts before being promoted to the deputy superintendent of police (DySP). 

According to a senior officer, Prabhushankar received the bribe from a total of five dealers through an inspector working under him. Two dealers, however, complained to the police top brass after Prabhushankar allegedly demanded more money. Dealers who refused to pay up had their warehouses raided, products seized and cases registered against them, the officer said. 

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