75-year-old woman raped and left bleeding on the road in Ahemdabad

Report By Shivani Baddi |The Ancient Times Bengaluru | Last Updated at May 29 2019

Ahmedabad: A woman, who’s age is estimated to be around 75 years old was left bleeding in a secluded spot. Medical examinations show that her left foot was amputated from before and she was brutally raped. She was found bleeding in the area between Kaligarun and the Khodiyar Temple, late on Sunday night.

She was initially found by the locals, bleeding severely from her genitals and she had an injury above her left eye. They called up for an ambulance and she was admitted to the Asarwa Civil Hospital.

Her condition has now been reported to be stable.

“She is unable to speak properly so we don’t know much about the incident. She told a wan PSI that she was dragged to a secluded place by a man, raped and beaten. When she was discovered, she was severely bleeding from her private parts and left eyebrow” says Inspector RH Vala.

According to the investigation conducted so far, the survivor is said to be a beggar. She was able to tell the police the minimum only after she was administered the basic treatment.

She is not able to speak properly due to the trauma and her frail physical condition, the police said.
RH Vala went on to add, “Though we have registered her age as 60, which locals told the paramedics, she seems to be a beggar and says that she is from Vadagam Taluka.

She didn’t tell the police where she is living in Ahmedabad”.
The police are waiting for her condition to improve to take her to the crime scene and conduct the further investigation.

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