4,778 Advocates who failed AIBE barred from practicing in Courts 

The Bar Council of Delhi has issued a letter intimating that over 4,700 advocates on its rolls have not been able to clear the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) since 2010.

In the August 28 letter addressed to the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court authorities, the Bar Council of Delhi states that 4,778 advocates who were provisionally enrolled have not been able to qualify the exam since 2010. Consequently, it has been requested that these advocates not be allowed to practice before the courts or to vote in any Bar election.

The letter states,

This is to inform you that as per the record received from Bar Council of India (BCI), which is responsible for conduce of All India Bar Examination (AIBE), since 2010, a total number of 4,778 advocates provisionally enrolled, have failed to qualify the said examination, as per Bar Council of India (AIBE) Rules 2010.

According to BCI Circular…dated 12.04.4012, on such failure to qualify AIBE, they cease to be advocates till they pass AIBE. Consequently, they are not entitled to practice or enjoy any benefits, including voting right in the Bar elections…

You are, therefore, requested not to allow all such advocates to appear before the Hon’ble Court or to vote in any Bar election.

The list of such advocates has been sent to the Registrars General of the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court, as well as to all Tribunals and District & Sessions Judges in the capital.

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