39-year-old Doctor falls to death from eight floor

Report By Sarah | Bengaluru | Last Updated at Sep 02 2020

Gurgaon: A 39-year-old doctor committed suicide by jumping off the balcony of his eighth floor flat.
According to police, the deceased identified as Dr. Sujeet Kumar Saha was from Nepal and currently was staying alone in a rented flat at Hewo apartments sector 47.

The police stated that the doctor has jumped off between 3.30 am and 4 am on Tuesday. The security guard of the apartment heard a loud thud of him falling and rushed immediately to the spot to find the doctor lying in a pool of blood.

Dr. Saha was working with Medanta hospital, Gurgaon and was a liver transplantation and regenerative medicine consultant since 2016. He had expertise in robotic liver surgery, robotic donor hepatectomy and living donor liver transplantation.

No suicide note was discovered and the matter is under investigation, said Gurgaon police.
Dr. Saha had a matrimonial litigation with his wife. His wife who’s also a doctor lives in West Bengal currently. They have a six-year-old child together who stays with the mother. His in-laws live in Noida.

The police doubt his personal affairs and marital discord would be the cause for his dreadful act.

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