36 New COVID-19 Cases Discovered In Beijing’s Wholesale Food Market

Report By: Nandika Chand | Last Updated June 14, 2020

The world’s eyes are on China once again as 36 new coronavirus cases have been found in Beijing’s largest wholesale food market. Chinese authorities have sealed the Xinfadi food market.

Reports said the outbreak has spread to Beijing’s neighbouring regions. China’s National Health Commission reported the biggest one-day total of 57 new confirmed cases in two months. Sources said 38 of the new cases were through local transmission, including 36 in Beijing and 19 by travellers arriving from foreign countries.

Meanwhile, the Beijing health bureau is cautious, urging those who had visited the Xinfadi market since May 30 to report and get tested. The market sells a variety of meat, seafood and vegetables. Authorities have put residential communities close to the market on a lockdown. They have also closed the Jingshen wholesale seafood market which is about 10km from Xinfadi.

Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said the source of the latest outbreak could either be contaminated seafood or meat from the market; or a visitor or worker who had contracted the virus unknowingly. He said the first scenario is most likely. However, Wu explained that it does not mean that the source is fish. “Any person or object that has been in contact with the chopping board could be the source. It is also possible that the owner of the cutting board or even a customer had transmitted the virus to it.” he said. Wu added that they haven’t reached any conclusion. “We are still collecting information.”

After the initial outbreak, China had mainly been dealing with coronavirus cases imported from aboard. The Asian giant is once again on full alert to stem the spread.

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