30 iPhones ,28 laptops and 55 grams of gold seized at Bengaluru kempegowda international airport

The Customs police seized from a passenger travelling to Abu Dhabi airport.

Airport Customs recently seized 30 iPhones, 28 laptops and 55 grams of gold tucked in credit cards from a passenger who arrived at the Kempegowda International Airport from Abu Dhabi, and was planning to head to Chennai from KIA, the Customs.

The seizure happened on September 17 and the passenger has been booked under Customs Act, 1962. According to a Customs official, “Based on passenger profiling, Customs officers intercepted his luggage at the International Arrivals area after he had collected it from the baggage belt. 

These commercial goods were recovered from his hand baggage, as well as check-in baggage. The laptops were both new and old ones.”

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