3 Persons Arrested for Running “Duplicate” State Bank of India Branch in Tamil Nadu

By: Nandika Chand | Last Updated July 11, 2020

Police in Tamil Nadu arrested three persons for running a ‘duplicate’ State of India branch in Panruti, Cuddalore district.

Sources said 19-year-old Kamal Babu, son of a former SBI employee, had brought computers, lockers, challans and forged documents and other things. He set up the branch through his contacts. A website had also been created in the name of Panruti Bazaar branch.

The branch was opened in April. The accused persons, Babu and his accomplices A Kumar and M Manickam had the perception they wouldn’t be caught because of the lockdown.

However, the police was notified when a SBI customer showed the fake receipt and enquired about the newly-opened branch in North Bazaar with the manager of an existing branch in the town. This prompted the manager and other officials to visit the fake branch. They were shocked to see a similar set up to that of an original bank branch.

A formal complaint was then lodged with the Panruti Police, which led to the arrest of the three accused persons. Panurti Inspector Ambedkar said Babu’s parents were former SBI employees. His father had passed away a couple of years ago and he had tried to apply for this post but to no avail. Babu got frustrated and opened a bank by himself.

The police also pointed out that they haven’t received any complaints from customers about having lost their money in the fake branch. Babu said his intentions were never to cheat people. He just wanted to open a bank.

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