3 People Killed and 3 Seriously Injured In UK’s Forbury Gardens Stabbing Rampage Horror, Murder Investigation Underway

Report By: Nandika Chand | Last Updated June 21, 2020

Three people are dead and three more are seriously injured in a mass stabbing incident which took place in UK’s Forbury Gardens, a Reading park, on Saturday evening. A 25-year-old man has been arrested from Berkshire Town on suspicion of murder.

A witness said the knifeman shouted some unintelligible words and stabbed victims in the neck and under their arms. Another witness said blood spurted and victims dropped like a weight. He said a man (knifeman) appeared to be tapping them on the head at random. A policeman was able to end the mass stabbing by ‘rugby tackling’ the knifeman.

A graphic video of this incident is making rounds on the social media. It shows four people covered in blood, witnesses and police officers can be seen performing CPR on motionless victims. Two people with stab injuries were rushed to the Royal Bershire Hospital. Two air ambulances were also called to the scene. The area where the incident occurred was cordoned off by heavily-armed and masked policers.

Head of Crime, Detective Chief Superintendent Ian Hunter said a murder investigation has been launched. He said they have made one arrest. “There is no intelligence to suggest that there is any further danger to the public, however we urge people to remain vigilant and report anything suspicious by calling police.” The Chief Superintendent said they were not treating it as a terrorism incident. He confirmed that they were being assisted by colleagues from the Counter Terrorism Policing South East.

The police have also clarified that the incident was not linked to the Black Lives Matter protest which took place in Reading earlier in the afternoon. The mass stabbing occurred three hours after the protest had concluded. The police has requested the public not to circulate the incident’s video footage on social media. They described it as incredibly distressing.

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