I was offered Rs 40 crore to bailout mining baron Gali Janardhan Reddy: Former CBI special judge

Hyderabad, Aug 27: A former CBI special judge has appeared in a court here as a witness in connection with a “cash-for-bail” case involving mining baron Gali Janardhan Reddy and claimed that an offer of bribe to the tune of Rs 40 crore was made to him to grant bail to the former Karnataka minister in 2012.

The former judge, Naga Maruti Sarma, had served as special judge for CBI cases in 2012 and was hearing a case of alleged illegal mining involving Reddy.

Sarma reiterated his previous claim before the Anti-Corruption Bureau Court on Monday that an offer of bribe was made to him through another judicial officer to give bail to Reddy.

The case is presently being tried at the ACB court in the city.

The matter has been posted for further hearing on September 12.

Reddy, who was in a jail in Hyderabad in 2012 in connection with the case, had sought bail from the CBI court.

Sarma had earlier claimed that he rejected the offer made by the judicial officer.

The offer was allegedly made when Sarma had called on the judicial officer, senior to him, when the latter sought to meet him.

Reddy was given bail by another judge in the case and the CBI had complained to ACB on the matter.

Two judges were suspended earlier in connection with the case which created a sensation in 2012.

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