26 Year old Sujith Shetty ‘flashes private parts,with Muslim women’ at Mangaluru mosque, arrested

A 26-year-old man in Mangaluru, a coastal city of Karnataka, was arrested for allegedly flashing his private parts to women inside a mosque on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday.

The accused has been identified as Sujith Shetty, a resident of Karkala. The incident took place at the Jumma Masjid located in Mangaluru city around 2 am Friday night when the ‘Laylat al-Qadr’ programme was being organised as a part of the observance of the month of Ramzan.

The police Shetty entered the mosque and tried to hold the hands of several women and misbehaved with them. He even flashed his private parts at them and disrupted the programme, said police officers.

A 24-year-old woman filed the complaint against Shetty Friday afternoon following which, Ullal police filed a case under Indian Penal Code (IPC) 448, 354, 509 and 295 (a) and handed him over to judicial custody.

Sujith Shetty

Shetty, works as a home guard with the local police department and was suspended after a few women complained of misbehaviour. “He has a history of misbehaving with women. Previously, some women complained after he forced them to take selfies with him and was holding them in an inappropriate manner. After he was suspended, eight days ago, he started working at a bar in Mangaluru city. On the day of the mosque incident, after his work time, he consumed alcohol and reached the masjid,” said a police officer who is a part of the investigating team.

“People had taken his photo and informed the police about the incident. Next day we arrested him from his home,” the officer added.

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