25 Bus Passengers Died after vehicle, catches fire on some of the express in Maharashtra

As per the reports, the travel buses were on the way from Nagpur to Pune when it hit a pole and then rammed into the divider around 1:30 AM near pimpalkhuta

village police said the bus turned turtle and caught fire. Police stated

25. Passengers were charged to death after the bus. They were travelling in caught fire. After hitting a divider following a tyre burst on the Samruddhi Expressway in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district. In the wee hours of Saturday reported by police. The private bus was on its way from Nagpur to Pune when it’s rammed into a divider  around 1:30 AM at pimpalkhuta village near Sindkhedraja in Buldhana around 134 km from here as per the information

Eight. Others including the bus driver and its cleaner survived the tragedy as they managed to come out of the burning vehicle through broken windows. The police said adding that the fire was being interrogated and the process of arresting him was underway.

Maharashtra chief minister, Eknath Shinde ordered a probe into the accident and announce ex- gratia of five lakh rupees for the families of seized Deputy chief Minister. Devendra Fadnavis said that the bodies of the deceased were charred beyond recognition and if the identity of the victims is not established in DNA testing will be conducted prime minister Narendra Modi and union home Minister, Amit Shah and other leaders expressed grief over the loss of lives.

Taking to PTI Buldhana Superintendent of police, Sunil Kadasne said there were 33 passengers in the bus of whom 25 were charred to death. The other eight passengers were taken to a nearby hospital and are safe. As per the preliminary information attire of the bus burst and the vehicle hit a pole before colliding with a dividers and catching fire, he said

The bus belonging to with Dhaba travels had left Nagpur for Pune at 4 PM on Friday. It stopped at Karanjia in Yavatmal district for dinner but met with the accident. Sometime after it resume the journey the police said

“ after hitting the divided, the bus fell on its right side. With the exit entry door of the bus facing the sky. Within minutes, the vehicle caught fire. Some of the passengers were able to come out of the broken windows from the rear side. A senior police officials from Buldhana said.

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