H-1B Visa program is been, widely criticised in USA

Report By Lubna Seher | Bengaluru | Last Updated at Aug 06 2020

H-1B Visa program is been, widely criticised in USA, on the ground that this program, is being misused by USA based employers, to bring in labour force from outside USA, at cheaper costs, which results in loss of employment opportunities to the US citizens
H-1B Visa program, was actually intended to serve the employers, who could not find the required skilled workers within the United States.

According to the critics, “Instead of being used to hire talented workers, unavailable in the American labour market, the program is being used for outsourcing and hiring foreign labour force, at cheaper costs, depriving the employment opportunity, to the American skilled labour force”

H-1B is a non-immigrant visa in the United States, which enables the US employers to temporarily hire, foreign workers in speciality occupations. Eligibility criteria to issue the H1-B visa, for speciality occupations, is specified by the law.

Duration of stay, permitted by this visa is three years, extendable to six years, after which the visa holder, needs to reapply.

An Executive order signed by the US President Donald Trump, on 3rd August, bans technology workers on H-1B Visa from replacing American citizens, in federal government contracts.

The order is intended to ensure that the federal agencies, prioritise hiring American workers, and not the people on an H-1B Visa
On 23rd June, US President Donald Trump, issued a proclamation to suspend issuing of H-1B Visa, till the year end.

This restriction took effect from June 24.

Mr. Trump said the step was essential to help, millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, due to the current economic crises.

H-1B Visa, opens the door of US job market for many Indian IT professionals. Criticism, suspension and executive order, against H-1B Visa, is the matter of concern in India, because this Visa is very popular among, highly qualified and skilled Indians, seeking for high paid employment opportunities.

This Visa enables, numerous Indians to seek a rewarding career opportunities.

This Visa program, also allows the immediate family members, of the H-1B Visa holder, to join the stay in the United States
H-1B Visa is among the very few, non-immigration visas, which permits the entry of dependent family members of the H-1B Visa holders.

The immediate family members (Spouse and children under 21) can stay in US, under the H-4 visa category, as dependents.

An H-4 visa holder may remain in the US, as long as the supporting H-1B Visa holder, retains the legal status.

An H-4 visa holder is allowed to attend school, apply for driver’s license and open a bank account in the United States


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