Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), first identified in December 2019, in Wuhan, Hubei, China, has resulted in an ongoing pandemic.

Report By Lubna Seher | Bengaluru | Last Updated at Aug 05 2020

World Health Organization, declared the COVID-19 outbreak, a public health emergency of international concern on 30 January 2020, and a Pandemic on 11 March 2020 In absence of a specific antiviral treatment for COVID-19, the disease is been tackled with management measures and treatment of symptoms, with supportive care and isolation

Across 188 countries and territories, more than 10.8 million people have recovered, among the 18.1 million reported cases, as of 3 August 2020 With such a huge number, already undergone the disease infection, and a huge number of population, already recovered, over 7 months period of pandemic, all over the world, as of now, the world population has already undergone, huge losses and sufferings, caused by the pandemic.

The eight months of global battling, against the pandemic, has been undertaken in absence of vaccine and specific antiviral treatment.

The obtained results of prevention, treatment and recovery are based on the management measures and supportive healthcare.

In the emergency situation of pandemic outbreak, the immediate need, had been the preparedness to tackle the disease. During an extremely serious crises, with increasing number of deaths and infections, the Nations had to shutdown the working of Economy.

This resulted in unstable Economy, all over the world. In absence of a stable Economy, government faces financial crises for funding the immediate treatment and management measures.
In this situation, the maximum concentration of the government and state, must get tilted towards the preparedness to tackle the disease, as per the immediate need of the hour
Whereas development of vaccine is a hugely time consuming process.

Vaccine development is a long term research process.
The present available method of treatment, includes, treating the symptoms with supportive healthcare.

This supportive healthcare, involves, strengthening the immune system of the body, to fight the viral invasion, within the body, in case of infection.
In every method of treatment, it’s ultimately the immune system of body, which is made prepared to fight the viral infection.

In case of Vaccination method also, it is the immune system of the body, which is prepared to fight a particular virus invasion. In this method, the immune system is prepared, to fight the specific virus, before the occurrence of infection.
The process of making a Vaccine, market ready, involves various stages of trials.

Vaccine may fail, Vaccine development has a very low success rate. According to the latest list of the World Health Organization, at least 165 vaccines for novel Coronavirus, were being developed across the world. All the listed vaccine candidates have reached various stages of trials.

 While an effective market ready vaccine, is still awaited by the world, need of the hour, to combat the COVID-19 Pandemic, still seems to be the preparedness to tackle the disease


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