JeM Masood Azhar’s Kin Involved In Last Week’s Failed Pulwama Bombing

Report By: Nandika Chand | Srinagar, Kashmir| Last Update June 2, 2020

Investigations reveal that a close relative of Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar was involved in last week’s failed Pulwama 2019-like bombing. Counter terrorism officers said Mohammad Ismail Alvi, alias Lambu also played a key role in the 2019 suicide bombing that killed 40 CRPF personnel in Pulwama. They confirmed that Ismail Lambu is already wanted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Sources said the accused came to India in 2018 and helped co-conspirators, Mudassir Khan; Khalid and Mohammad Umar Farooq, in collecting explosive material. “Ismail is an IED expert and helped carry out the 2019 Pulwama bombing. We have information that he planned to carry out a similar car bombing in one of the camps or convoy. The bomb was placed in the Santro car,” they revealed.

However, Ismail Lambu’s plan was detected in time and the bombing was averted in the early morning hours of May 28. According to forensic experts the unexploded bomb was made of RDX, ammonium nitrate and nitroglycerin.

Officers said this lethal combination was in the 2019 Pulwama bomb. They said it shows the signature of JeM. But intel also points out that Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taiba may also have been part of last week’s attempt to carry out a similar attack.

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