India Becomes 10th Biggest Hot Spot of COVID-19 Pandemic

Report By Nandika Chand | Kashmir Srinagar | Last Updated at May 25 2020

Experts warn that peak of the outbreak in India is yet to come.

India is now the 10th biggest hot spot of the novel coronavirus after recording the highest 24-hour national surge of 6,634 fresh cases. As of Sunday, the country has 138,474 COVID-19 cases. It number doubled over in the course of 13-days.

This has placed India, pushing past Iran, in the top ten worst affected countries in the world. The United States, Brazil, Russia, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Turkey make up this list respectively.

Reports stated that till 8 am this morning, 154 deaths to COVID-19 were reported across India in the last 24-hours. The health ministry said the number of active cases has spiked to 77,103 and 57,720 people have recovered. It said about 41.57 per cent patients have recovered.

In regards to the global toll, as of May 25, 41.84 per cent of all those infected with COVID-19 have recovered. According to experts, countries with weak healthcare systems and improverished populations, fighting the novel coronavirus has proven to be difficult. An analysis highlights India’s trajectory of COVID-19 is similar to that of Brazil.

However, experts warn that peak of the outbreak in India is yet to come. Epidemiologist, professor Giridhara R Babu had said the virus would not have uniformity across the country and peak at different times in states. He said COVID-19 is in complete ascendancy stage in states such as West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. “It has gone beyond minimal containment.”

The professor had said if surveillance is good, states will be able to pick up more cases. He said the main focus should be to reduce the number of deaths.

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