During anti-CAA protests radical violence arose by the revolutionaries at Delhi

Report By Heena Kousar | Bengaluru | Last Updated at Feb 27 2020

Subversive rebels of the law in Jaffrabad clash for second day, although Trump kicked off his India trip.

Moreover 50 people, including 37 police officials, have been injured after therevolutionariesinvolved incontroversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) clashed on Sunday and Monday in the north-eastern part of Delhi after planned pogrom by a local leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Kapil Mishra, who led a rally in support of the new citizenship law.

One video posted on social media showed crowds of men shouting “Jai Shree Ram” or “Hail Lord Ram”, a revered Hindu deity, as they went on a rampage, according to the AFP.
The BJP leaders are trying to give the protests a Hindu-Muslim conflict. They are igniting people in the name of religion which is vicious and brutal.”

Delhi police have recorded some incidents of violence which were reported and they “appealed to the people of Delhi and particularly to the North East District to maintain peace and harmony”.

“It’s disturbing that violence has escalated into a full-fledged riot where police forces are unable to control mob fury. The death of a police constable manifests the gravity of the madness on the streets of Delhi. Provocative inflammatory speeches from leaders of the ruling dispensation are responsible for encouraging thugs, with police often a mere bystander,” saidJha
BJP spokesman NalinKohli said that the violence in the capital city was “highly condemnable”.

“The culprits must be identified, strictest action should be taken against them. There is after all the death of a police officer and 37 police officials have been injured.”

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