The condition of the road leading to 1st cross, OMBR Layout is abysmal, points out a BM reader. “At the entrance of the road, there’s a pile of garbage and people add to it daily. This problem has persisted since 2016,” he says.

“The whole place stinks and the condition worsens when it starts raining. All the garbage gets on the road when there’s waterlogging,” he adds. “We have brought the problem to the attention of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) numerous times but nothing has changed in the last two years,” he complains.

On top of it, garbage is burnt at the spot, say residents. “There’s a lot of plastic in the trash. When it is burnt, it is simply foul. As residents, we tried cleaning the place but it was of no use. People dump garbage at the same spot every day,” he adds.

“This is a matter which should be taken up by BBMP. We hope that they put up a proper waste disposal system and that they clean up the place,” says another resident.

The residents of OMBR Layout are waiting for a response from the civic body and want an effective system to be provided.

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