158 passengers stranded at Mumbai airport after Jet Airways has technical fault

Around 158 passengers of Jet Airways 9W-2314 Mumbai-Ahmedabad were stranded at Mumbai Airport on Sunday.

According to the passengers waiting at the airport, the onboard staff had informed them that Ahmedabad Airport is closed; however, later a Jet Airways official told that the aircraft is facing a technical fault.

“Jet Airways flight 9W 2314 from Mumbai to Ahmedabad has been cancelled today due to technical reasons. Additionally, due to watch hour restrictions at Ahmedabad airport , and the situation further compounded by runway closure led to the respective flight cancellation.

“All the affected guests, were taken care of or duly offered refreshments and alternate travel arrangements are being made to fly them to their destination. There were 105 guests who chose alternate flights.

“Jet Airways sincerely regrets the inconvenience caused to its guests,” the airline said in a statement

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