1 Crore Children to receive free 4.0 education under ‘India 4.0 – Dr. APJ’ initiative

NxtWave recently announced an initiative to provide free 4.0 education to 1 crore children from financially backward class. Students from the 5th-10th standard will be inducted into this program. With a slogan of ‘Every Child Counts’, the organization is set to provide industry-relevant 4.0 education to children starting from the 15th of October.

NxtWave is powered by iB Hubs. Children will be taken care of until they reach an age of 21 years.

Through this initiative, students become industry-ready at an early age and can make the financial situation of their families better. These kids would further transform into role models in their circles inspiring many more peers to choose the path towards growth.

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Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has been a role model for many Indians to excel in technologies. NxtWave envisions every Indian Child to think like Dr. APJ and be able to think big and build transformative innovations.

In Phase-1 that starts in October, this project will be available in 650 districts across India. A total of 4.5 lakh children will receive free education in Phase-1 from Andhra Pradesh, 3 lakhs from Telangana, 2.5 lakhs from Bihar, 6 lakhs from Madhya Pradesh, and similarly millions of children from other states.

NxtWave (powered by iB Hubs), a company set out to revolutionize the 21st Century Job Market in India, will implement this project on a large scale across all the corners of India.

This program covers various aspects like Tech 4.0, Business 4.0 and Entrepreneurship 4.0 helping them to create and innovate. The entire curriculum is available to financially backward children at free of cost.

The training is going to be completely online helping the child to connect from anywhere and learn. Building 4.0 skills right from an early age would open up immense opportunities for children, be it in the job market or to create innovative products. Speaking about the initiative Rahul Attuluri, CEO, NxtWave says, “It’s our dream project. We believe in equal opportunities for every child to innovate and create.

We are excited about its impact on millions of children and the resulting prosperity in their families — Above all, these children would become role models in their community inspiring more people and igniting a spark for a greater transformation.” “Anyone can apply on behalf of an financially backward child and it’s completely free.

We encourage everyone to spread the word about this initiative and let us know the details of such children.

I am happy to be accompanied by the passionate iB Hubs team in this journey to transform the country.”

adds Rahul. For more details on the program visit : https://bit.ly/2Gx4BIW

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