​BJP Speaks Lies A Hundred Times: Congress

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Report by:Pradip Bhattacharya

New Delhi

The Congress party today slammed BJP on the formation of government in Goa and Manipur and even charged the finance minister t Arun Jaitley that by speaking lies a hundred times or hammering the lies, ”They think they convert it into facts and the truth which is not the case”.

Ms. Sushmita Dev, a Lok Sabha MP and senior congress leader has  questioned the finance minister Arun Jaitley who had stated that Congress  complains too much, stating that when the Goa Chief Minister is appointed by the Hon’ble Governor that during his oath taking, the people were shouting slogan as ‘he is not our CM’. “‘Apart from that, we also show that it was done under strict police security”. She also doubted truth in Jaitley’s words that in J&K 2002, Congress claimed the formation of government when National Conference had maximum number Sushmita pointed out, ”Similarly in J&K 2002 Mr. Jaitley goes on to say that it is not out of line for the Governor to invite a party which is not necessarily the single largest party as written in his Blog and  Sushmita added that she is pained to say that in that election of J&K, the National Conference which had 28 MLAs, Farooq Abdullah had not stood and Omar Abdullah had stood and lost. In those circumstances, National Conference had said that they are not staking a claim. ”And for Jharkhand assembly, Shibu Soren was invited with other Parties to form the Government, I think, the democracy prevailed and as far as remember, he did not succeed in the Floor Test”, she said.

Sushmita added that Congress wanted to meet governor in Goa but n turn invited Manohar Parrikar who was still somewhere between North Block (New Delhi)  and Panjim, who still had one feet here and one feet there to come and actually prove his majority. – 
Sushmita also questioned the facts presented by Mr. Ram Madhav who is  BJP-in-charge of North Eastern State had said that people of Manipur have rejected the Manipur Government. And therefore, BJP is going to form the Government here but and in the same breath, the same logic did not apply to Goa whereas the Governor of Goa consistently told the Congress Party that you have not elected your Floor Leader and, therefore, you cannot be invited”.

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